Cancer Genetics Unit

The Cancer Genetics Unit offers services to patients of The Royal Marsden and their families who are concerned about a risk of inherited cancer

Our services include, where appropriate:

  • Familial cancer risk assessment
  • Diagnostic genetic testing (testing of one or more genes known to associated with cancer predisposition)
  • Predictive genetic testing (testing for a specific mutation in a gene, already identified within a family)
  • Advice and referral for cancer screening
  • Discussion of cancer risk-reducing management options
  • Assistance with decisions on cancer treatment options
  • Offer of enrolment in genetic research studies
  • Long term open access follow up for patients with a known gene mutation on the RM Carrier Register

Our aim is to promote cancer prevention, early detection and to help in some cases with management decisions. We assess personal and family history of cancer to decide whether it is likely that there is a hereditary cause. We use this assessment to decide whether a genetic test might help an individual to clarify their own risk. Our clinical testing and cancer screening guidelines are available online.

We advise on cancer screening for family members and discuss options for reducing cancer risk. Recently we have developed new pathways for genetic testing with our colleagues in the breast and gynaecology units to enable some cancer patients to have genetic testing through their oncology teams.

We also work closely with the TGL Clinical Lab and research colleagues at the The Institute of Cancer Research to ensure patients receive the most up to date genetic information and tests.

Supported by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity 

Supporters of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity donated £1.16 million to fund the establishment of the Translational Genetics Laboratory.

Your support helps us make a vital difference to the lives of cancer patients.