Pathology services

Pathology at The Royal Marsden is performed by a range of diagnostic departments located at both the Chelsea and Sutton hospitals.

Pathology services

These departments offer clinical diagnostic services to other NHS Trusts and networks and to the independent sector. We also provide clinical support to research trials within the public and independent healthcare sectors.

Diagnostic departments

Cellular Pathology

This department is based at the Trust's Chelsea site with a dedicated Histopathology service supporting the Trust SIHMDS at Sutton.

The department is an international centre of excellence and offers many of its services to external clients. Enquiries for these should be made to the Cellular Pathology Service Manager, Mr Glenn Noel-Storr, on 020 7808 2632. SIHDMS enquiries should be made to the Histopathology Manager at Sutton, Ms Natalie Peters, on 0208 915 6549.

  • HER-2 testing within 48 hours
  • Second opinion testing
  • Soft tissue tumour diagnosis
  • Haematopoietic tumour diagnosis

Haematology and Transfusion

This department offers a full service at both of the trust's sites and operates a 24-hour service covering emergency and urgent work outside of normal hours.


The main biochemistry laboratory is based at the Sutton site with a satellite service at the Chelsea site. There is a 24-hour service covering emergency and urgent work outside of normal hours. The department operates an extensive tumour marker practice.


This department is based at the Sutton site and operates a 24-hour service to cover emergency and urgent work outside of core hours. The department works closely with the Infection Prevention and Control team screening patients for MRSA, C difficile and multi-drug-resistant organisms, and performs environmental screening to monitor and enable the highest standards of hospital hygiene.

The Serology section forms part of the multi-disciplinary haemato-oncology transplant team conducting pre- and post-transplant virology and immunity testing.

Processing facility

Stem Cell Laboratory

The Stem Cell Laboratory, which is integral to the Haemato-oncology Stem Cell Transplant Programme, is housed in a installation incorporating a clean room suite and cryogenic facility.

The laboratory offers expertise in the processing, testing, storage and distribution of haematopoietic stem cells for therapeutic use. The facility, which is based at the Sutton site, is accredited by the HTA and JACIE.

Laboratory standards

All our laboratories work to the quality standards set out by with ISO 15189:2012 except the Stem Cell Processing Laboratory which works to HTA and JACIE standards. Additionally, the Transfusion sections work according to the Blood Safety and Quality Regulations 2005.

All laboratories are housed in containment level 2 facilities. The Microbiology department also has a containment level 3 room.


  • S Alexander, Principal Biomedical Scientist and Pathology Services Manager
  • S Wilkins, Blood Sciences Manager
  • G Noel-Storr, Cellular Pathology Services Manager
  • N Peters, Haematopathology Manager
  • G Gardner, Microbiology Manager
  • J Howard-Reeves, Deputy Head of Genomics
  • A Dunlop, Head of Immunophenotyping
  • L Fuller, Immunophenotyping Manager
  • A Morilla, Head of Transformation & Clinical Programmes (Pathology & Genetics)
  • Dr L Thompson, Joint Head of Genomics (Diagnostics) 
  • Dr M Hubank, Scientific Director (Clinical Genomics)
  • Dr J Wells, Head of Stem Cell Laboratory
  • Dr D Taussig, Consultant Head of Haematology
  • Dr Ash Nerurkar, Laboratory Director/Head of Department, Histopathology
  • Dr R Shea, Consultant Clinical Biochemist
  • Dr U Riley, Consultant Microbiologist
  • J Howard-Reeves Operations Lead and Head Scientist, Cancer (London North Genomics Laboratory Hub)
  • H Phillips, Quality Manager