Infection Prevention and Control Team

At The Royal Marsden, protecting patients is a priority. We firmly believe that infection prevention and control is everybody's business: all our staff receive training in this when they first join and at regular intervals thereafter.

We have a team of infection prevention and control specialists who promote the principles of clean, safe care, and provide advice and support to other staff. They ensure that, as far as we possibly can, we protect the patients in our care from healthcare associated infections.

This means being involved in everything, such as:

  • training staff when and how to clean their hands
  • making sure that we take infection risks into account whenever we expand our services or refurbish wards
  • advising colleagues on how best to care for patients who do have infections.

Members of the team

  • Mairead Griffin, Director for Infection Prevention and Control and Chief Nurse
  • Sarah Fletcher, Lead Nurse Infection Prevention and Control Clinical Services
  • Amelia Floresca, Infection Prevention and Control Matron
  • Marz Magdalena, Clinical Nurse Specialist Infection Prevention and Control
  • Veronica Lacatus, Clinical Nurse Specialist Infection Prevention and Control
  • Gwendolyn Portugaleza, Clinical Nurse Specialist Infection Prevention and Control
  • Harry Farlow, Infection Prevention and Control Administrator
  • Dr Firza Gronthoud, Consultant Microbiologist
  • Dr Unell Riley, Consultant Microbiologist
  • Celia Noblett, Lead Antimicrobial Pharmacist
  • Gillian Kiely, Antimicrobial and Clinical Pharmacist

Each ward also has one or more link nurses – these are nurses who have a particular interest in infection prevention and who have received additional training in the subject. They promote good practice in their areas of work, disseminate information and advice from the Infection Prevention and Control Team, and bring the Team’s attention to anything that needs it.

Contact us

The Infection Prevention and Control Team are happy to answer any queries or receive any comments from visitors, relatives or patients before, during or after a hospital visit.

Please telephone 020 8661 3248 between 08:30 and 16:30 or speak to your doctor or nurse who can contact the team for you.