Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT

This department incorporates all aspects of oncological and non-oncological radioisotope imaging as well as radioisotope therapy

The department runs across both our hospital sites, in Chelsea and Sutton. We develop advanced imaging pathways which follow all our patients through diagnosis, staging, treatment and on-going follow up.

We have strong strategic links with The Institute of Cancer Research and Biomedical Research Centre and a Clinical Research Facility (CRF) imaging grant, which allow us to contribute to and support a large imaging research portfolio, developing innovative approaches to address clinical problems in diagnosis, staging and monitoring of tumour response to therapy.

High quality services

Our Imaging Department is accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS) Standard v3.0 2017. Developed by The Royal College of Radiologists and the College of Radiographers, ISAS is designed to ensure that patients consistently receive high quality services delivered by competent staff working in safe environments.

Nuclear Medicine Gamma camera imaging

We have two state-of-the-art Siemens Intevo SPECT/CT gamma cameras on the Sutton site and one Philips Brightview gamma camera on the Chelsea site. All of these cameras are multi-functional with the ability to perform localisation CT with SPECT imaging, providing superior diagnostic information to SPECT alone on a full range of nuclear medicine studies.

PET/CT imaging

We have two state-of-the-art Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT scanners on the Sutton site and one Siemens Biograph Horizon PET/CT in Chelsea. Access to a variety of PET tracers is available for both clinical and research studies. These tracers are produced in-house by our radiopharmacy, and also supplied by third party companies.

DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry)

Our densitometry services are provided at Sutton; the P11 Prodigy Full MLR Bone Densitometer is currently operated four days per week (Mondays – Thursday). 

Radioisotope therapy

There are three adult and two paediatric shielded treatment rooms at the Sutton site. One of the paediatric treatment rooms is located in the new Children’s and Teenage Cancer Centre. These rooms provide accommodation for those undergoing inpatient radioisotope therapy. Outpatient therapies are administered by skilled staff in the Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT.

Contact information


Sutton: 0208 661 3287

Chelsea: 0207 811 8541 


Sutton Nuclear Medicine: 0208 661 3286

Sutton PET/CT: 0208 661 3762

Chelsea Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT: 0207 811 8541 

Reporting room

Sutton: 0208 661 6529

Chelsea: 0207 811 8537


Supported by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Supporters of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity contributed to the cost of the PET/CT scanner.

Your support helps us make a vital difference to the lives of cancer patients.