Coronavirus (COVID-19): visiting The Royal Marsden suspended

Due to the increasing numbers of cases of coronavirus across the UK, we have suspended all visiting to The Royal Marsden apart from specific circumstances. Read here for more information.

Consultant Radiologists

  • Dr A  Riddell, Lead Consultant Radiologist
  • Professor G Brown, Consultant Radiologist
  • Professor N deSouza, Professor of Translational Imaging
  • Professor Dow-Mu Koh, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr D MacVicar, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr A Sohaib, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr B Sharma, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr C Messiou, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr E Moskovic, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr R Pope, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr N Tunariu, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr S Allen, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr J McCall, Consultant IR Radiologist
  • Dr N Fotiadis, Consultant IR Radiologist
  • Dr N Khan, Consultant IR Radiologist
  • Dr K Downey, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr D Ap Dafydd, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr T Gagliardi, Consultant Radiologist           
  • Dr B Bhaludin, Consultant Radiologist               
  • Dr S Yusuf, Consultant Radiologist                 
  • Dr N Soneji, Locum Consultant Radiologist                 
  • Dr P Scott- Mackie, Locum Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr K De Paepe, Consultant Research Radiologist             
  • Dr P Rich, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr A MacKinnon, Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr J Shur, Locum Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr S Ghandi, Locum Consultant Radiologist

Radiology Service Manager

  • Michaela Summers

Consultant Breast Radiographers

  • Victoria Sinnett (Sutton site)
  • Briony Bishop (Chelsea site) 

Clinical modality leads

Cross site 

  • Erica Scurr, MRI Strategic Lead
  • Jennie Bird-Lawson, PACS/RIS Lead
  • Louise D Costa, Breast Lead
  • Vonnie Morgan , Diagnostic Operational Lead for Private Care 
  • Benilus Nabawanuka, Ultrasound Lead

Chelsea site 

  • Victoria Kataike, Operation Lead
  • Cate Savidge, CT Lead
  • Jodie basso, General X-ray/IR Lead
  • Cheryl Richardson, MRI Clinical Lead
  • Michael Collins, Imaging Support Manager

Sutton site 

  • Juliette Akers, Operational Lead
  • Jonathan Frazer-McRobert, CT Lead
  • Georgina Hopkinson, MRI Research Lead
  • Julie Hughes, MRI Clinical Lead
  • Louise D Costa, General X-ray Lead
  • Benilus Nabawanuka, Ultrasound Lead
  • Kara Sadler-Walters, Imaging Support Manager