Anaesthetics, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Department

The Anaesthetics, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Department is a team of 31 consultants with senior trainees (ST 5-7) and Fellows.  

We specialise in providing anaesthesia for all forms of adult oncological surgery as well as perioperative, pain and critical care services throughout the patient surgical journey across two sites: Chelsea (London) and Sutton (Surrey). We are unique as one of the few centres nationally that exclusively provides anaesthesia for oncological surgery.

In 2017 we were the first centre in the UK to host the international congress of Anaesthesia, Pain and Critical Care in Oncology. We are a consultant led service (with over 80% of anaesthetics led by a consultant anaesthetist) and we use total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) for the majority of our patients. This technique may be beneficial in cancer surgery over volatile gas anaesthesia more commonly used at other centres.

We also lead a number of services outside the operating theatre including: 

  • consultant led perioperative medicine clinics (with on-site Echo and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing)
    clinics for high risk surgical patients
    frailty services (for older frail patients)
    anaemia and iron transfusion service
    Portacath service and Intravenous Access Service
    sedation for children having intrathecal chemotherapy and scansWe have a nationally respected pain service specialising in acute, chronic and transitional cancer pain. As well as providing specialist services such as acupuncture and HiFu for cancer pain.

We have a nationally respected pain service specialising in acute, chronic and transitional cancer pain, as well as providing specialist services such as acupuncture and HIFU for cancer pain.

The department has a strong interest in research with a perioperative theme on our Biomedical Research portfolio. For the last few years we have been one of the highest national recruiters to portfolio anaesthesia and perioperative studies. We also have our own academic output publishing a number of original research papers, book chapters and articles each year with themes in cancer pain and the effect of anaesthesia on cancer outcomes being areas of interest.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality training to anaesthetists and consistently receive good feedback from trainee anaesthetists in our GMC surveys. We run a number of fellowships for training anaesthetists across the UK and internationally in Leadership, Perioperative Medicine, Simulation and Patient Safety.


Anaesthetics, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Department staff

  • Dr Matt Brown (Pain Medicine/urology)
  • Dr Torsten Beutlhauser (Head and Neck Lead/hepatobiliary/paediatrics)
  • Dr David Chisholm (Paediatrics/vascular access/plastics/gynaecology)
  • Dr Richard Gordon-Williams (Pain Medicine/upper GI/interventional radiology)
  • Dr Paul Farquhar Smith (Clinical Lead Pain Medicine/plastics)
  • Dr Jacqueline Filshie (Acupuncture)
  • Dr Michael Frow (Specialty Doctor)
  • Dr Vimal Grover (Clinical Lead CCU/gynaecology)
  • Dr Pascale Gruber (CBU Surgery and Inpatients/pre-assessment/breast)
  • Dr Jonathan Handy (Medical Examiner/vascular access/paediatrics)
  • Dr Matt Hacking (Upper GI/gynaecology)
  • Dr Colm Irving (Head and neck/plastics)
  • Dr Sham Jhanji (Head of Perioperative Research/CCU/urology/plastics)
  • Dr Rohit Juneja (Patient Safety/Sarcoma/paediatrics/plastics)
  • Dr Ramanathan Kasivisvanathan (Urology/interventional radiology)
  • Dr Helen Lawrence (Head of Anaesthetics/sarcoma/plastics/interventional radiology)
  • Dr Orla Lacey (Head and neck/paediatrics/upper GI)
  • Dr Queenie Lo (Clinical Governance lead)
  • Dr Anjalina Majumder (Sarcoma/paediatrics/breast)
  • Dr Andrew McLeod (Head and neck/pre-assessment/breast)
  • Dr Olivia Mingo (Hepatobiliary/plastics/paediatrics/vascular access)
  • Dr Don Milliken (Lead for Pre-assessment/hepatobiliary/interventional radiology)
  • Dr Nicholas Owen (Lead for Paediatrics/endoscopy/gynaecology)
  • Dr Alex Oliver (CPET/lower GI/paediatrics)
  • Dr Ravishankar Raobaikady (Anaemia Lead/hepatobiliary/breast)
  • Dr Martin Rooms (Pre-assessment/urology/vascular access/paediatrics)
  • Dr Robert Self (College Tutor/urology/gynaecology/paediatrics/breast)
  • Dr John Schutzer-Weissmann (Acupuncture/upper GI/sarcoma)
  • Dr Alan Smith (Specialty Doctor)
  • Dr Kate Tatham (FICM Tutor/CCU/plastics)
  • Dr Sophie Uren (Fellowship Program Lead/upper GI/urology/pre-assessment)
  • Dr Susanna Walker (CBU Medicines management/paediatrics/sarcoma/pre-assessment)
  • Dr Gary Wares (Divisional Medical Director/CCU)
  • Dr John Williams (Pain Medicine)