Wilson Ward

On Wilson Ward we predominantly care for patients undergoing investigations, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for rare cancers.

On this ward, the patients' nursing care needs are guided by the location of the disease and the patient's treatment plan. These specialities also mean that we care for a number of young adults who present for treatment.

  • Sarcoma patients
  • Melanoma patients
  • Head and neck cancer patients
  • Lung cancer patients
  • Haematology patients
  • 16 beds, including six female beds, nine male beds and one side room.

We also have a number of beds available for patients receiving treatment for haematology malignancies, but not high-dose chemotherapy and transplants as these patients are cared for at The Royal Marsden’s Sutton hospital.

We also care for male patients undergoing investigations and chemotherapy for lung cancer.

Due to the variety of our patients’ needs we work closely with the multidisciplinary team assessing their requirements while in hospital and when planning for their discharge.

Nursing on Wilson

Nurses working on Wilson Ward have the opportunity to develop both surgical and medical skills while caring for these patients. The ward provides an excellent environment for learning and development, with supportive staff and involvement with clinical nurse specialists.

We routinely have student nurses and post-registration nurses undertaking placements with us, which provides an opportunity for permanent staff to develop mentoring and teaching skills.

Enthusiastic and committed nurses who enjoy providing a high standard of nursing care are welcome to join our team. Any potential applicant should not be deterred if inexperienced in sarcoma or head and neck nursing as previous experience of these rare oncology specialities would not be expected.

For more information

To find out more about Wilson Ward, contact Samantha Jones, Ward Sister: samantha.jones2@rmh.nhs.uk.

The Royal Marsden, Fulham Road, London SW3 6JJ