Burdett Coutts Ward

On Burdett Coutts Ward we specialise in the care of male patients undergoing surgery, investigations, treatments and symptom control for gastrointestinal and genito-urinary cancers.

Burdett Coutts Ward is often known as 'BC Ward'. There are 15 beds on the ward, one of which is in a side room.

Surgery for gastrointestinal and genito-urinary cancers can be extensive and can result in altered functions (for example, eating difficulties or stoma formation), altered body image, and sexuality difficulties. The increasing use of keyhole surgery is reducing this in some cases but it remains an essential part of many patients' nursing care.

We care for men with prostate cancer who are receiving either brachytherapy or robotic surgery. Both of these treatments require specialist nursing care and knowledge.

Our vision is to develop and provide compassionate care at all times. Our values and behaviours are at the heart of all we do. Our patients and their families will always be our priority. We believe in and promote communication, courage, commitment, care, compassion and competence.

Location, directions and parking

Burdett Coutts Ward is located on the second floor in Chelsea Wing at The Royal Marsden’s Chelsea hospital.

Facilities for disabled patients and visitors

We’ve worked with DisabledGo to create accessibility information for the Burdett Coutts Ward

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Visiting times

Visitors are welcome on the ward between 9am and 9pm, apart from meal times:

  • Lunch: 12.30pm to 2pm
  • Supper: 6pm to 7pm.

Facilities on Burdett Coutts Ward

At every bedside there is a television and radio which are free of charge to use. We encourage the use of individual headphones to avoid interrupting other patients. There is also a telephone at the bedside with its own direct telephone number.

There is a small day room with a television for patients and visitors to use during their visit.

Your inpatient stay

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Burdett Coutts Ward staff

Burdett Coutts Ward has a highly skilled mix of nurses on every shift and an easy-to-access, approachable ward sister.

Doctors visit their patients daily, sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Some patients are seen daily by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or dietitian.

Other professionals and services available on the ward include hairdresser, chiropodist, massage therapy, reflexology and relaxation therapy, all performed by highly skilled professionals.

The matron of Burdett Coutts Ward is Steve Scholtes and the ward sister is Elizabeth Meeke.

Contact details

Tel: 020 7808 2370

2nd Floor, Chelsea Wing, The Royal Marsden, Fulham Road, London SW3 6JJ