Soft tissue sarcoma: a clinical update

A review of multidisciplinary sarcoma care with emphasis on what is new, clinically relevant and controversial in the management of sarcoma.

Start: 08:30, 26 September 2017

End: 16:30, 26 September 2017

Event: Conference

  • £180 full delegate
  • £120 trainees and CNSs

Topics will include a review of sarcoma biology, imaging developments in diagnosis and response assessment, surgery of retroperitoneal sarcomas, management of gynaecological sarcomas and a clinical trials update.

We hope to stimulate in-depth discussions on each topic with ample opportunity to ask questions and to express your own views. The meeting is open to all health care professionals with an interest in sarcoma.


The Royal Marsden Education & Conference Centre, Stewart’s Grove, London SW3 6JJ.

020 7808 2921