Exenterative Surgery for Pelvic Cancers: Current Practices and Future Directions

This two day conference is devoted to the practice of exenterative surgery

Start: 09:00, 27 September 2018

End: 17:00, 28 September 2018

Event: Conference

Subject: Breast and gynae-oncology

For many years pelvic exenteration has been undertaken at the Royal Marsden. The most common indication is recurrent pelvic cancer in previously irradiated patients who in addition often have also had chemotherapy and pelvic surgery.

  • £350 2 Day Full delegate
  • £250 2 Day Trainees and CNSs
  • £200 1 Day Full delegate
  • £150 1 Day Trainees and CNSs


The Royal Marsden Education and Conference Centre, Stewart’s Grove, SW3 6JJ

020 7808 2921