Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

This is a specialist medical education and training facility where healthcare professionals can learn, practise and repeat clinical procedures in a safe environment.

The aim of the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre is to disseminate knowledge from experts the forefront of cancer care and heart and lung disease. The education faculty is drawn from The Royal Marsden and the Royal Brompton to share good practice from these two centres of excellence, and to perform research into the impact of training on clinical practice. As well as our programme of clinical courses, the team at the Centre is able to create bespoke education to meet your clinical training needs.

Simulation improves patient safety

Medical simulation is an experiential form of education, incorporating the use of human patient simulators in a simulated or real healthcare environment. Within this learning environment real-time evolving clinical situations can be simulated and replayed at will, and no actual patient harm can occur.

Simulation gives individuals and/or multidisciplinary medical teams the opportunity to deliberately practise high-risk low-frequency events or procedural tasks within a safe environment. They can learn, practise and repeat a procedure over and over; learn from mistakes; fine-tune techniques; and master clinical protocols designed to improve outcomes, all before undertaking the same scenario on an actual patient.