Newly Qualified Nurses and Early Careers Pathway

Early careers pathway

Here at The Royal Marsden, we are committed to developing our future workforce by ensuring all newly qualified staff (NQS) receive the required support, access to continued professional development and opportunities to improve themselves within their new roles. 

We offer the chance for all NQS to enrol onto our two-year early careers pathway (formerly known as preceptorship), which entitles full access to training days, one to one support with the lead nurse and extra learning opportunities to reassure staff that we are invested in their career pathway. 

How it works

The programme starts every September, at which point staff are put into a cohort that will allow them to collaborate with other NQS in the Trust.

In collaboration with The Royal Marsden School, we offer access to a blended, online learning platform called Moodle. This guarantees space to complete self-directed learning whilst also collaborating with other members of the cohort. Each staff member has the opportunity to undertake online modules, watch and listen to PowerPoint presentations and access literature/research applicable to their role. 

All NQS will be assigned a preceptor in practice. This person will be a qualified staff member who will work alongside you and liaise with the ward manager, practice educator and lead nurse throughout the two-year programme.

When enrolling onto the programme it is important to know that the NQS is not required to stay in the same area for two years, and can move to different wards and areas if they would like. However, if they decide to move to a different hospital, as we are one of the very few that offer a two-year programme, they may lose the opportunity to complete the pathway. 

Historically, the early careers programme was only offered to newly qualified staff. However, here at the Royal Marsden we are now opening the programme to international nurses. We are extremely proud to announce that our two-year programme has recently been awarded a preceptorship quality mark from Capital Nurse. This allows us to promote the programme as being an outstanding hospital to start your career in. 

For more information on our programme please contact We look forward to welcoming you at The Royal Marsden.