About IReC

IReC meet the team
Head and neck nurse specialists: Natasha Duperray, Olive Griffiths, Eliana Zela, Sonja Hoy

In order to accelerate research and improve outcomes for recurrent head and neck cancer patients, IReC has the ambitious aim of bringing together a team of talented clinicians and researchers to create a centre of international excellence and set international standards in the curative treatment, palliation and supportive care of recurrent cancers.

IReC’s objectives are:

  • Define the extent of the problem by creating a patient registry
  • Capture the variation in the management of recurrent HNC
  • Create an ecosystem within The Royal Marsden to offer rapid virtual second opinion
  • Collaborate with other international centres to set standards for management of recurrent HNC
  • Conduct novel research in surgery, radiotherapy, drugs, biomarkers and other novel treatments specifically for recurrent HNC
  • Develop a national tissue bank to support laboratory and translational research
  • Create a research environment that will support research students and multicentre research, and be competitive in grant funding
  • Teach and train future academics in the management of recurrent HNC
  • Act as a national focal point for head and neck cancer patients, carers and support groups, to help inform research and management priorities for recurrent HNC