International Patient Centre

Our dedicated international team are available to support you through all aspects of your treatment.


International Services

Our team of advocates, translators and co-ordinators can help you to:

  • Choose the right consultant or treatment for you
  • Arrange appointments and admission to The Royal Marsden
  • Help you with payment and billing enquiries
  • Provide emotional support
  • Co-ordinate aspects of your medical care and other requirements
  • Advise on accommodation

In order to make your treatment with us as easy and stress free as possible, we cater to all religious and cultural needs. This includes:

  • Translation services for most languages, including Arabic and Mandarin, free of charge to patients
  • Catering to any dietary requirements, including halal and kosher meals
  • A multi-faith prayer and worship room with access to prayer mats, washing facilities and religious literature including 24-hour access to a dedicated imam

We also offer:

  • Complimentary Arabic and other international newsletters as well as Middle Eastern magazines
  • Arabic and other international TV channels
  • Menus in Arabic

Contact the International Patient Centre

Call us: +44 (0)20 7808 2063
Fax us: +44 (0)20 7811 8205
Email us:

Information in Chinese

020 7811 8690

Information in other languages

For other languages, please contact us on the number or email address above.

The International Patient Centre team

  • Mourad Djouimai, International Patient Relation Manager (English, Arabic, French)
  • Rania Kaldas, International Centre Coordinator Manager (English, Arabic)
  • May Arafah, Senior International Coordinator (English, Arabic, Italian)
  • Nawar Al-Naher, International Centre Coordinator (English, Arabic)
  • Sofia Hanna, International Centre Coordinator (English, Arabic)
  • Becky Bao, International Agency Manager (English, Mandarin)
  • Lin Fu, International Patient Relations Officer (English, Mandarin)
  • Tanya Yao, International Patient Relations Officer (English, Mandarin)