Cancer genetics referrals

NHS referrals

We accept referrals for patients of The Royal Marsden and for their relatives who:

  • Have a personal or family history of cancer suggestive of an inherited genetic predisposition or
  • Have a known gene mutation in the family

At present the Cancer Genetics Unit is not commissioned by NHS England to accept GP referrals, other than for relatives of Royal Marsden patients.

GP referrals should be sent to their local regional genetics service.

GP referrals for relatives of a Royal Marsden Cancer Genetics patient need to include identifying details of the patient under the care of The Royal Marsden so the referral is not rejected.

Referrals address

Dr Helen Hanson
Cancer Genetics Unit
The Royal Marsden
Orchard House
Downs Road
Surrey SM2 5PT

Fax: 020 8770 1489

Clinic locations

Clinics are held at The Royal Marsden’s Chelsea and Sutton hospitals. Some patients may also have telephone consultations.

Referral criteria

We are currently in the process of creating cancer specific referral criteria and the website will be updated as these become available.

Please note that from 28th August 2018 (PSO date) the Trust will not be accepting paper Genetic referrals from GPs for relatives of patients. However you will be able to refer via a Referral Assessment Service on e-RS.

Family History Questionnaires

All new patients will be sent a family history questionnaire. We ask that they complete this to the best of their ability, although we understand it may not be possible to know all the details.

The questionnaire is used to draw the family tree. This information is used as part of the risk assessment process. It is occasionally necessary to verify the family history of cancer to assess the risk accurately and as part of that process, patients may be asked to obtain copies of their relatives' death certificates.

Download referral forms for the following suspected cancers:

If you have further enquiries please call 0800 731 2325.