Coronavirus (COVID-19): visiting The Royal Marsden suspended

Due to the increasing numbers of cases of coronavirus across the UK, we have suspended all visiting to The Royal Marsden apart from specific circumstances. Read here for more information.

GP Update

Updates to NICE guidance (NG92) on stop smoking interventions

Did you know NICE guidance (NG92) on stop smoking interventions was updated in March?

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Surgeons complete UK-first in robotic surgery at The Royal Marsden

Surgeons at The Royal Marsden have carried out what is believed to be the UK’s first total pelvic exenteration using da Vinci surgical robots.

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Best practice for diagnosing lung cancer

Lung cancer symptoms can easily be confused with those of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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Managing the side effects of immunotherapy treatment

Patients on immunotherapy treatment for lung cancer can have unpredictable and rapidly worsening side effects. Find out what the most common side effects are and when to refer patients to their oncologist.

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Targeted treatment and immunotherapy for lung cancer

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery are the main treatment options for lung cancer patients. However, there are now two new categories of treatment: targeted treatments and immunotherapy.

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