Dr Chris Parker, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, with a patient

It now recommends that:

  • all primary health professionals should, at every opportunity, ask people if they smoke and advise them to stop smoking in a way that best suits their preferences
  • staff should be trained to offer Very Brief Advice (VBA) for smoking; a framework for patient conversations that aims to promote quit attempts in 30 seconds and refer smokers to effective evidence-based stop smoking support
  • E-cigarettes should be discussed as a smoking aide when appropriate.

Complete the FREE CPD training modules on smoking cessation and how to deliver VBA from Cancer Research UK. Discover the current evidence regarding the relative safety of e-cigarettes compared to tobacco, key FAQs to help answer patient queries and the RCGP position statement. Complete your learning now.

Cancer Research UK also provides a number of educational tools and learning modules for GPs, including the following:

  • The CRUK/RCGP e-learning module on urgent referral for suspected cancer highlights the importance of recognising cancer in its early stages and includes statistics, reflective cases, risk toolkits and practical suggestions on how to improve your clinical practice. The free module takes around 30 minutes to complete. Users will have access to the latest guidance for urgent referrals for suspected cancer (NG12), with a focus on lung and bowel cancers – two of the cancers types with poorest outcomes for patients. Access the course now.
  • Each year around 7,800 new cases of mouth and oropharyngeal cancer are diagnosed in the UK. The number of diagnoses is increasing, but around two-thirds of all cancers of the oral cavity, nasopharynx and pharynx could be prevented, and early diagnosis is key to better patient outcomes. CRUK, in partnership with RCGP, the British Dental Association and Doctors.net.uk, have updated our Oral Cancer Toolkit to support GPs in the prevention and recognition of oral cancer. This November (mouth cancer action month), refresh your knowledge with our lesion recognition resource, referral decision guide, case studies and quiz. Visit the toolkit today (doctors.net log-in required