GP Update

Surgeons complete UK-first in robotic surgery at The Royal Marsden

Surgeons at The Royal Marsden have carried out what is believed to be the UK’s first total pelvic exenteration using da Vinci surgical robots.

Doctor in a room with da Vinci surgical robots

41-year-old Dean Walter, who had rectal cancer, underwent major robotic surgery to remove all the organs in his pelvic area, including the bladder, rectum and prostate, after his cancer spread despite chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Shahnawaz Rasheed and Pardeep Kumar were able to remove the affected organs in a minimally invasive procedure using the da Vinci Xi robot. Had the operation been a traditional open operation, the patient would have had a scar from his chest to his pelvic and been in hospital for three weeks.

Instead Mr Walter was walking around after just a few days and was able to go home after 10 days. 

Mr Rasheed, who led the case, said: “By using the robotic technology, we could do the procedure through a minimally invasive approach. It’s hugely important for this young man, to help him get back to leading a normal life as safely and quickly as possible.

“For selective cancers in certain patients we will be considering this approach moving forward.”