Peter Hartley

Trial patient, Peter Hartley

Men with particularly aggressive prostate cancers can be treated more effectively by combining an existing targeted medicine with a new experimental drug, according to a study led by Professor Johann de Bono, Director of the Drug Development Unit.

Results from the IPATential150 study, published in The Lancet, suggest that a combination of abiraterone and ipatasertib can block two of the cancer’s growth signals at once in men whose tumours lacked the PTEN gene.

Peter Hartley, 68, a patient on the trial, said: “When I was first diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2015, they told me there was nothing they could do and I would only have two to three years left. This was before I joined Professor de Bono’s research trial.

“For the past three years, I’ve been given a new lease of life. Being on this trial has been nothing short of a miracle. I’ve had no side effects and my quality of life is fantastic.”