HRH The Duke of Cambridge faces Christmas quiz from young patients at The Royal Marsden

In a Christmassy grilling from young patients going through cancer treatment at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge has revealed his Christmas wish would be for there to be no COVID or cancer in the world.

Patients at the hospital’s Oak Centre for Children and Young People were given the opportunity to ask The Duke of Cambridge, the hospital’s President, questions during a conversation with the hospital’s radio station, Radio Marsden.

Nine patients were recorded asking The Duke a number of hard-hitting questions including; “Do you like Brussel sprouts?” “What’s your favourite Christmas song?” and “Do you have a Lamborghini?”

The Duke’s responses were recorded earlier this month at Kensington Palace during a Christmas themed interview with the hospital’s radio station presenter, Barry Alston.

When answering 12-year-old patient Saniya’s question, “What would you do if you were in charge of Christmas for the day?” The Duke replied: “Everyone would be together, and there would be no COVID or cancer in the world.”

Saniya, who is being treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, said: “I liked The Duke’s answer as it was very thoughtful. I also wish the same, a world free of cancer and other illnesses.”

Whenever I visit I am always amazed by the positivity energy, hope and love.

HRH The Duke of Cambridge

The Duke has been President of The Royal Marsden for 14 years, a position previously held by his mother. Speaking to Radio Marsden, The Duke thanked staff for their hard work over the year and said he believed it was the people that made The Royal Marsden special. He said: “Whenever I visit I am always amazed by the positivity energy, hope and love. Staff are always beaming through what must be really difficult circumstances. I always come away feeling lightened, inspired and hopeful for those that are being looked after there.”

Barry Alston, from Radio Marsden, said: “It was such a privilege to interview The Duke and ask him what The Royal Marsden means to him. He clearly has such a wonderful connection to the hospital and it is our pleasure to share his interview with patients and staff on Radio Marsden over the festive period.” Professor Nick van As, Medical Director at The Royal Marsden, said: “Going through cancer treatment can be particularly difficult around Christmas for our patients. The Radio Marsden interview is a little bit of light relief for our patients and anyone else who needs it this Christmas. On behalf of the hospital, I’d like to thank The Duke for being such a good sport, and for his continued support of The Royal Marsden and The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.”

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