Our diagnostic clinics

Improving patient access to better and more rapid cancer diagnostics is a priority at The Royal Marsden. 

We provide consultant-led diagnostic services for patients with a range of suspected cancers – common and rare – at both our hospitals.

Patients referred for diagnostic services have immediate access to a multidisciplinary team of experts including a consultant surgeon, consultant radiologist, consultant pathologist and clinical nurse specialist. Several of our clinics are one-stop, meaning all investigations can be conducted during just one visit – a tremendous benefit to patients.

Breast clinic

The one-stop breast diagnostic clinic features the gold-standard triple assessment process which involves three diagnostic measures – clinical examination, imaging and biopsy. Most patients receive their diagnosis on the same day as their assessments.


The urology rapid diagnostic clinic provides a dedicated space for urinary tract imaging with ultrasound, X-ray and flexible cystoscopy carried out in one visit, often giving patients their results the same day.

Skin clinic

The skin diagnostic clinic provides a service where patients will generally be seen, photographed and have their lesion removed (if appropriate) on the same day. Referrals for suspected melanomas, squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas are all seen, as are patients with multiple naevi who may need long-term monitoring.

Colorectal clinic

The colorectal diagnostic service aims for all referrals to be screened by a clinical nurse specialist to help determine whether they should be examined in our consultant-led outpatient clinic or, if suitable, sent directly for endoscopy. This allows for rapid direct access to specialist investigations.

Lymphoma clinic

The lymph node diagnostic service ensures that all patients with concerning lymphadenopathy can immediately undergo diagnostic tests including blood tests and same-day ultrasound ± FNA. Investigation with excision biopsy, CT, PET or bone marrow biopsy is also available if indicated.

Head and neck clinic

This clinic ensures the rapid investigation of unexplained cervical lymphadenopathy, abnormal red or white patches in the mouth, persistent oral ulceration or swelling, voice change and dysphagia. Patients can undergo diagnostic tests including biopsy under local anaesthetic, upper aero-digestive tract endoscopy, blood tests, ultrasound and needle aspiration cytology.