Neuro-oncology referrals

Confirmed diagnosis

Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of a primary or secondary brain or spinal cord tumour should be referred to the neuro-oncology service at The Royal Marsden. Referrals must be accompanied by appropriate imaging as well as a copy of the pathology report if the tumour is histopathologically verified. Any referral sent without imaging and or a pathology report unfortunately cannot be processed.

Suspected diagnosis

Patients with a suspected diagnosis of brain or spinal cord tumour need to be referred to the neuro-oncology MDT (multidisciplinary team) held at St George's Hospital, Tooting, on a Friday morning.

A multidisciplinary team of brain tumour specialists meets weekly there to assess individual needs and progress to ensure that everyone continues to receive the most appropriate treatment, care and support.

Referrals need to contain a detailed account of the patients presenting symptoms and to be accompanied by appropriate imaging.

Advice and information for referral can be obtained from the MDT co-ordinator on 020 8725 4191.

We accept referrals for the treatment and care of brain and spinal tumours through the MDT decision-making process.