Get involved with The Royal Marsden services

Any patient, carer, family member or in fact, anyone touched by cancer can become involved with the work of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. 

Head and neck cancer

The Trust is committed to include you in the planning, development, delivery and review of its services.

We would like to work with you on our journey to new and improved cancer services and care, because you:

  • May know what it is like to receive treatment and the impacts of side effects on your life.
  • Can help us understand what matters most to patients and their families.
  • Can challenge and shape decisions about services, service design, delivery and change.
  • Help us ‘design’ and ‘change’ services that are better for patients and their families. 

There are several opportunities that you may choose to be involved with: 

  • Simply remain updated regarding patient and public involvement and engagement events such as open days, health and wellbeing events. 
  • Decide to become a member of:
    • the Patient and Carer Advisory Group (PCAG), a generic group bringing patients’ and carers’ needs and experiences into service design, development, and change 
    • the Teenage and Young Adult Forum (TYAF), bringing young people’s needs and experiences into service design, development, and change 
    • the Parents Group (PAG), bringing parents and children’s needs and experiences into service design, development and change 
  • Be given the opportunity to join multi-professional / patient co-design groups:
    • the Sutton Patient Experience Group (SPEG),
    • the Chelsea Patient Experience Group (CPEG),
    • the Children’s Patient Experience Group (CiPEG). 
  • Wish to be involved in a number of activities, i.e. 
    • comment on documents, i.e. guidelines and policies, by email or in meetings
    • help us review the information we provide, by being at an information review panel
    • actively listen to patient and carers and help us improve their experience.
  • Or even decide to become more involved with service design, delivery or change, by contributing in drafts, meetings and discussions. There may be a choice of small, short projects, or big infrastructure projects that you may wish to be involved with. 

You can choose to do one or more of these things and change your mind at any time. We will provide training and support that you feel you need. We will reimburse your travel and other out-of-pocket expenses. However much or little you decide is right for you, we are very grateful and value your opinion. You will be helping us improve the experience of patients, their carers and their families at The Royal Marsden.

If you wish to be involved, we will ask you to give us your details; these will be stored in a secure database managed by The Royal Marsden. We will also ask you to indicate how you might like to be involved.

If you would like to join, please fill in this form. 

For questions and queries, please contact