Get involved: for patients and the public

Any patient, carer or member of the public can become more involved or engaged with the work of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

The Royal Marsden is an NHS Foundation Trust, meaning it is part of the NHS but independent from the Department of Health and directly accountable to its local community. We are committed to ensuring our patients have the best experience and that patients, carers and members of the public can be involved and engaged in our work in many different ways. Anyone who would like to help and have a voice, is welcome.

How would you like to help? 

There are many aspects of our work with which you can become engaged or involved. A short description is given below and to find out how, click on the links. 
  • Receive information about the Trust’s work, services and future plans 

If you would like to receive information about the Trust, be invited to Members’ events, have a say about our services and how we could improve them, you can become a Foundation Trust member.
  • Have  a say and influence our services - Get involved with our services 

If you would like to be involved in improving our services, making a difference to how we approach cancer care, and supporting future developments using your unique patient experience, you can get involved with our services.
  • Have  a say and influence our research - Get involved with our research

If you have ideas about research and/or would like to be involved with the research we undertake towards delivering better cancer treatment and care, you can get involved with our research.
  • Have  a say and influence cancer research and treatment online - Join our new Cancer Patients' Voice Platform

If you have ideas about our services and would prefer to get involved online, register for our new Cancer Patients’ Voice platform, where you can contribute to discussions, surveys and more.

  • Discuss and influence our strategic directions - Becoming a governor

If you are already a Foundation Trust member and you would like to advise and help support the Trust Board and senior management to understand the needs of its patients, carers and local community, you can become a Governor.
  • Volunteer your support in other ways – Becoming a volunteer

If you would like to help and support patients and carers in many other ways, then you can become a volunteer. Learn more about the various opportunities for volunteering, by clicking the links. 

You can choose to do one or more of these things. We will provide any necessary training and support that you feel you need. However much or little you decide is right for you, we are very grateful. You will be helping us improve the experience of patients, their carers and their families at The Royal Marsden. You may find it helpful to see what those involved and engaged with us say about their experience, impact and benefits and also about the importance of diversity at the two videos below