Integrating Clinical Omics in Precision Management of Breast Cancer – Virtual Meeting

We are pleased to announce this virtual meeting, bringing world-renowned speakers to share with us the current and future challenges and opportunities of “omics techniques” in development of innovative biomarkers and the barriers for delivery of clinical diagnostics assays, management of breast cancer in the era of omics and the implication of risk factors to development of breast cancer.



Event: Conference

The virtual meeting focuses on providing a source of practical insights for the pathologists, oncologists, trialists and translational scientists who are working to translate discovery/findings across the broad range of “omics” technologies to deliver molecular and precision medicine for patients. The genomic techniques include targeted approaches, RNA-sequencing, whole exome and whole genome sequencing.


  • £60 per day/£120 for both dates

  • £40 per day for RMH/ICR/BRC

Virtual Programme