The brand new Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden is open

The brand new Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden is open Monday-Friday 9-5pm and is offering free cancer support and information for people with cancer in a purpose-built, architecturally-designed centre on Cotswold Road, next to The Royal Marsden in Sutton.

Maggie's has a wide programme of support which varies from centre to centre so check the website to see the latest timetable of activities.

Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden is open to all cancer patients and friends and family of patients who are receiving treatment at The Royal Marsden or anywhere else in the region. 

With no need for a referral, patients as well as friends and relatives of patients can drop in for support with anything from managing stress to money worries. The centre provides a breathing space away from the hospital where visitors can meet people who understand what they’re going through or just take a quiet moment to reflect. 

Maggie’s professional teams provide help and information, and are developing a full programme of groups and activities from cancer-specific support groups, relaxation and stress management to exercise and nutrition groups, all designed to make coping with cancer easier. 

The services on offer are designed to further enhance the psychological support already provided at The Royal Marsden, and our Psychological Support and Pastoral Care team, which is funded by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, is working closely with Maggie’s to ensure our patients are accessing the most appropriate support to meet their needs.  

The new centre, designed by London based studio Ab Rogers Design with landscaping by world-renowned landscape architect Pet Oudolf will mark another step forward in the redevelopment of The Royal Marsden’s Sutton hospital.

For referrals to The Royal Marsden’s Psychological Care service, please call 020 7808 2777 (Chelsea) or 020 8661 3006 (Sutton). 

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity has generously supported Maggie’s by giving £500,000 towards the enabling costs for the centre.