PLACE inspection

The Royal Marsden has scored above the national average in the recent Patient-led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE), an annual mandatory inspection.

Patient assessors are required to inspect the care environment and to score standards across six areas: cleanliness; food; privacy; dignity and wellbeing; the condition, appearance and maintenance of buildings; and disability. 

The results of this year’s PLACE inspections have revealed that the Trust scored well above the national average in a number of areas and across both hospitals.

The Trust scored above the national average for food standards, cleanliness and privacy, and dignity and wellbeing, with scores at Sutton being 10% above the national average. The hospital in Chelsea also scored well in the areas of condition, appearance and maintenance and disability.

Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) inspections were introduced in April 2013, with results reported publicly to help drive improvements in the care environment and to show how hospitals are performing nationally.

The PLACE inspections are not technical audits but are based on the perception of the patient assessors who were leading the assessments with the support of staff assessors.

We are pleased with the results. Staff work very hard across both hospital sites to ensure patients not only get the best treatment and care, but that the environment in which they receive their care is of the highest standards

Gary Burkill, Head of Facilities