Our Green Plan

Change has already begun with innovations in greener transport, greener medicines and green buildings – helping us make improvements in care, as well as in the health and wellbeing of our patients.

In 2020, the NHS set out its aim of becoming the world’s first net zero national health service. The targets are for the emissions the NHS controls directly (NHS Carbon Footprint), it will reach net zero by 2040; and for the emissions it can influence (NHS Carbon Footprint Plus), it will reach net zero by 2045.

"The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust is committed to delivering sustainable healthcare and achieving the emission reduction targets set by the NHS."

The Royal Marsden’s Green Plan 2021/22-2023/24 outlines the specific aims of our sustainability strategy and the objectives that will need to be achieved in order to meet the targets. It considers how to minimise negative environmental impacts and maximise opportunities to support the local economy and community wellbeing.

Download our Green Plan 2021/22-2023/24


Key areas of focus

The key areas of focus of our Green Plan will enable us to achieve our carbon reduction and utility reduction targets. They are aligned with the main drivers of change and sources of carbon emissions across the NHS.