Council of Governors

Members can become more involved by standing for election as Governor and representing their fellow members' views on the Council of Governors

Find out more about what being a Member or a Governor of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust means.

Patient Governors

Kensington and Chelsea, Sutton and Merton

Philippa Leslie

With a background in international communications for a worldwide charity, she is interested in explaining more about the research and the day to day care, to bring to the public a greater awareness of the Marsden’s key research and the excellence of their care.  Not so much to give back, as to give forward.

Maggie Harkness

Maggie was re-elected as a Patient Governor in May 2019 and feels that her previous experiences as a patient and retired nurse have given her the skills to ensure that improving the patient journey and therefore the experience of both patients and their carers is at the “heart” of treatment at the Royal Marsden. She is passionate that Members “voices“ are heard which helps to shape the service of tomorrow and will continue to act of their behalf.

Tom Brown 

Tom was diagnosed with Stage III bowel cancer in 2014 and went through radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a robotically-assisted operation. Both his relatives and friends have also been affected by cancer over the years and now he hopes to give back to the hospital as a governor. By bringing his own patient experience as well as analytical skills from his working life to the role of Governor. He graduated from Oxford University in Modern Languages and pursued a 34-year career in banking and as a non-executive director of a cable tv company in Cologne.

Elsewhere in London

Dr Patricia Black

Has worked in the NHS as a Nurse for 52 years and has seen many organisational changes both in Primary and Secondary care. She has taken on many roles in the NHS that have given her many skills and the ability to see what works well and those that do not. She was referred to the RMH with her second cancer 2 years ago and received prompt and continuing timely care. She felt that the chance to become a Governor enabled her to give something back to the NHS and help RM continue to provide world-class care. 

Elsewhere in England

Dr Nigel Platt

Nigel has witnessed the brilliance of The Royal Marsden Hospital in supporting close family members over many years and is delighted to assist the Trust in return. Amidst the anxiety and stress that a cancer diagnosis can bring, it is crucial for patients to know that the cancer care provided by The Royal Marsden is amongst the very best in the world.  Nigel works in London as a Chartered Geologist. He is interested in the continuous professional development of staff, in encouraging international scientific collaboration and in advancing genetic research.

Dr David Aggett (Elsewhere in England)

Carer Governors

Dale Sheppard-Floyd

Dale’s husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016 and referred to The Royal Marsden Sutton for treatment and is now receiving regular surveillance. Now retired most of Dale’s working life was within the NHS, as a nurse, health visitor, nurse tutor and patient services manager. Becoming a Carer Governor gives her the opportunity to give something back to the Trust to thank them for the wonderful care her husband continues to receive.

Tim Nolan

Tim supported his wife, Sue through her treatment at the Trust and has been incredibly impressed by the wonderful care she received, and was eager to contribute and assist wherever possible. Already a member of the Patient and Carer Advisory Group (PCAG) the opportunity to join the Council of Governors was a great chance to further these aims. An economist, Tim’s career was in senior commercial roles at companies such as Tesco, Dixons, Samsung and Jaguar in the UK and overseas. He is also a Non-Executive Director of the NHS Business Services Authority and sits as a Magistrate in Buckinghamshire.

Public Governors

Shirley Chapman (Sutton and Merton)

Worked at The Royal Marsden for 14 years as a physiotherapist, now having retired is keen to use her experience to support the Trust and its entire staff to continue to deliver the highest standards of medical care combined with offering access to the latest research. She is particularly interested in ensuring that patients have access to the best support services possible throughout their treatment, recovery and adjustment to living with cancer.  

Debra Hoe (Kensington and Chelsea) 

Debra has been a volunteer with the Friends of the Marsden since 2002 and is keen to further support the great work of the Trust in the role of a Governor.  She will apply the skills she has developed as a corporate lawyer to serve as an advocate and guardian for sound governance within the organisation as well as a champion for effective risk management whilst taking into account the operational requirements of the Trust.  As a new Governor, Debra is looking forward to this opportunity to serve the Trust, the excellent staff and the patients.

Dr Tom Moon (Elsewhere in England)

Tom began his career as a doctor and worked at the Marsden as an SHO in the Gastrointestinal team in 2015/16. Now he invests in high growth technology start-ups, particularly focused on digital health, at a leading venture capital firm and he believes that emerging technologies, such as machine learning, will enable a paradigm shift in how healthcare is delivered. Tom became a Governor because he was inspired by the world class care that the Marsden provides. The Trust will need to keep adopting emerging technologies to remain a leading centre and he feels he can contribute to that.

Dr Banan Osman (Elsewhere in England)

Staff Governors

Dr Jayne Wood (Doctor)

Dr. Jayne Wood, Clinical Lead Symptom Control & Palliative Care Team and recently appointed Divisional Medical Director for Cancer Services, was re-elected as Staff Governor for Doctors in May 2019. Dr. Wood says: “I am committed to helping the Trust deliver the best service for its patients and providing the optimal environment for staff to work in. The opportunity to join the Council of Governors was therefore a great chance to further this, along with being able to represent a link between the Board, staff and patients.”

Fiona Rolls (Clinical Professionals)

Has been working at The Royal Marsden for 10 years as an occupational therapist, during which time she has built strong bonds with both colleagues and patients. She values the ethos of the Marsden and the successful work achieved which has broadened her knowledge and range of professional and social skills. She is confidant she can bring to the task of governor, by assisting in making informed and committed contributions to the governance of the Trust.

Hardev Sagoo (Corporate and Support Services)

Hardev, Assistant Director of Estates, is a Professional Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Hardev works with the Corporate and Support Service staff to look after the critical infrastructure and maintenance of the Trust's buildings and feels extremely privileged and proud to work for The Royal Marsden Trust. He is excited by the opportunity to participate on the Council of Governors as the Corporate and Support Staff representative.

Vacant (Nurse)

Nominated Governors

Gordon Stewart, The Institute of Cancer Research
Anne Croudass, Cancer Research UK
Councillor Janet Evans, Local Authority: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Councillor David Bartolucci, Local Authority: Borough of Sutton & Merton
To be appointed, Clinical Commissioning Group
To be appointed, Clinical Commissioning Group