Freedom of Information Datasets

In the interest of openness and transparency the Trust routinely publishes the following Freedom of Information datasets

Who we are and what we do

Organisational charts

What we spend and how we spend it


Trust expenditure over £25k

IT services 

  • Information can be accessed via the SPHERE Fact Sheet. Please note that the Trust’s contract with SPHERE is for the overall service.

Use of medical locums

  • For the financial year 2019/20 there were 667 medical locum agency shifts.

Junior doctor average salary and conditions

  • Junior Doctors are paid in accordance with national terms and conditions, full details of which are easily accessible on the website of the British Medical Association; and that basic pay scales range from the entry point of Foundation Year 1 £22,862 to the top of the basic salary range for Specialty Registrar which is £47,647.

Number of vacancies

  • As at April 2020, the total number of unfilled vacancies Trust wide was 464.7 WTE (full-time equivalent) posts not filled with substantive or fixed term staff.

Payroll contractual arrangements

  • The Trust has outsourced payroll to SBS, the duration of the current contract ends in January 2020. The contract involves the processing on a monthly as well as weekly basis of a fully managed payroll service for all staffing groups, including both substantive and temporary.

Contractual arrangements for security and number of incidents 

  • The Trust does not incur expenditure on security staff or sub-contractors because its in-house portering team has security responsibilities incorporated into their job descriptions
Number of incidents 2012-2018 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Number of incidents categorised as physical assault to a member of staff 14 12 15 5 10 10 <5
Number of incidents categorised as verbal abuse to a member of staff 22 20 15 9 16 22 16
Total 36 32 30 14 26 32 19

Estates Return Information Collection (ERIC) Returns

  • The Trust refers to the NHS Digital website, where information relating to the costs of providing and maintaining the NHS Estate including buildings, maintaining and equipping hospitals, the provision of services e.g. laundry and food, and the costs and consumption of utilities and waste are posted following annual collection.

Our priorities and what we are doing

How we make decisions

Our policies and procedures

Lists and registers

Services we offer

Our units and wards

  • To find out more about the units and wards at The Royal Marsden click here 

Bed occupancy for the last 12 months 

  • The Trust refers to the NHS England website, where Bed Availability & Occupancy statistics reported by Trusts are posted following quarterly collection.

Cancelled operations in the last 12 months

  • The Trust refers to the NHS England website, where Cancelled Election Operation statistics reported by Trusts are posted following quarterly collection.

Delayed discharges 

Month Delayed Discharges
April 2018 6
May 2018 6
June 2018 <5
July 2018 0
August 2018 <5
September 2018 <5
October 2018 5
November 2018 7
December 2018 <5
January 2019 <5
February 2019 7
March 2019 <5
  • Please note this table summaries patients discharges between the hours of 11pm and 6am inclusive, by month, and for the Royal Marsden's two hospital sites, for the financial year 18-19. This information covers inpatient discharges following a length of stay at least one night. Also this information does not include self discharge, only discharge arising for medical advice are included. Please also note we have redacted small numbers due to patient confidentiality. 

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

  • The Royal Marsden is committed to protect your privacy.  Where we intend to process your information in a new or different we need to identify any potential risk to that privacy.  To do this the Trust must complete a ‘Data Protection Impact Assessment’ (DPIA) which is designed to review any risks to privacy when deciding to process personal information in a new way.
  • As part of the Royal Marsden’s publication scheme these impact assessments are to be made available on request to the public.
  • Click to access the DPIA Register 2018-19



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