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Pharmacist and Nurse Led Melanoma Immunotherapy Clinic: Patient Experience Survey

Dharmisha Chauhan, James Larkin, Samra Turajlic, Peta Hughes




In 2017 a new Pharmacist and Nurse (P/N) led clinic was established for melanoma patients on immunotherapy. As this was a new service, after 1 year, it was evaluated to ensure patient satisfaction. This was carried out via a  patient experience survey. The aim was to measure the patients overall experience and to ensure patients had trust in the P/N. 


The survey was provided to all patients who had attended the clinic between May 2017 and May 2018. The survey was given to 10 patients between June 2018 and August 2018 and it consisted of 10 closed questions using the Likert scale, with spaces proved for personal comments. 


Questionnaires were provided to a total of 10 patients. Three questionnaires could not be provided to 3 patients whom attended the P/N clinic as they had died. Two patients did not respond back. 

All patients felt comfortable in being treated by the P/N, with respects to discussing treatment related side effects and management of IO-related toxicities. All patients felt that they were listened too and had the opportunity to ask questions.

All patients felt involved in the decisions related to their care e.g. stopping immunotherapy treatment at 2 yrs. and felt EMPOWERED in managing their disease and IO-related toxicities (Figure 1). Reassuringly all patients said that they would recommend this service to their friends and family. 


  • All patients had TRUST and CONFIDENCE with the consultation and care provided by the nurse and pharmacist. 
  • The clinic provides GOOD SUPPORT AND ADVICE; to allow patients to manage their disease and treatment related toxicities and this was reflected in the patients’ responses. 
  • We are aware of the small patient numbers and another patient satisfaction survey is planned. However, this NEW MODEL OF CARE showcases that patients can be referred to a P/N led non-medical prescribing clinic. 

How this clinic was set up and the survivorship issues identified from this clinic can be found at poster ID3475 

I very much felt that I was a participant in the direction of my care. Sharing responsibility and a sense of purpose helped me to foster a positive attitude in dealing with my disease

Patient 6