rHNC Registry and rHNC Biobank


rHNC Registry 

At present, there is no registry of patient, tumour, and treatment details for recurrent head and neck cancers in the UK.

We intend to partner with the Head and Neck Audit (HANA), a central registry that is supported by stakeholder organisations and hosted in line with NHS Digital guidelines to offer a better insight into the true scale of this disease and record variation in management.

Recording demographics, tumour type, treatment, and outcomes would offer vital data for the IReC’s work streams and would also help to better direct the allocation of treatment and research resources nationwide.

rHNC Biobank

The cornerstone of translational research is a well-annotated biobank of cancer samples to explore and validate key research findings. This Biobank is an ethical and effective system to transfer, store, and protect valuable material. A central repository for the rarer recurrent cancers would allow the concentration and assimilation of a critical number of cases, in order to support the subsequent programmes in translational research.

The rHNC Biobank is open and utilises the RMH biobank infrastructure. The first rHNC tissue sample was stored at RMH Biobank in March 2021.