Patient care

Your visit

Some important things to consider for your appointment: what you need to bring with you, how to change your appointment and who you will see around the hospital.


Your doctors, nurses and therapists will ask you to agree to any form of examination, treatment or care.

Outpatients, day patients, inpatients

Depending on your type of visit you will be an outpatient, a day patient or, if you are admitted to stay overnight, an inpatient.


What to do about medicines before, during and after your visit, and exemption from NHS prescription charges.

Pain management

We aim to address any pain problems you may have while attending the hospital as an inpatient or outpatient.

Emergency admission

What to do if you become unwell at home.

Palliative care

End-of-life care means the control of pain and other symptoms, as well as emotional and psychological support for you and your relatives.

Follow-up care

You may need to come back to The Royal Marsden for follow-up appointments after your treatment has ended.

Critical care rehabilitation

There can be ongoing physical and psychological issues relating to your recovery after critical care.

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