Equality and diversity

The Royal Marsden believes in providing equity in its services, in treating people fairly with respect and dignity, and in valuing diversity, both as a health services provider and as an employer.

Our equality and diversity aims:

  • Provide the best possible healthcare services we can, making sure that they are accessible and delivered in a way that respects the differing needs of the individual.
  • Employ staff who are motivated because they feel valued for the contributions they make and the diversity they bring to The Royal Marsden, who are well trained and who reflect at all levels the diversity of the population that The Royal Marsden serves.
  • Embed our equality and diversity values into our policies and procedures, and our everyday practice.
  • Regularly monitor and report on our equality objectives, on patient and workforce information and on equality impact assessments to evaluate how we are doing and to set goals and actions in response.
  • Ensure that all services procured for The Royal Marsden, and all staff working on behalf of The Royal Marsden, understand and support our commitment to promoting equality and diversity in everything we do.

We believe that the people who use our services, their carers and our staff should be treated with respect and dignity. This means we will not tolerate racism, homophobia, sexism or any other form of discrimination against staff, service users or carers. We are also committed to tackling these issues and we welcome any comments you may have to help us to improve.

We welcome the spirit and direction of the NHS Constitution and will endeavour to ensure it is firmly embedded within our organisation, promoting equality and fostering good relations between people who share protected equality characteristics and those who don't.

Your views count

We are very keen to involve our patients, carers, staff and members of the public in the continuing development of our work and our equality objectives. We invite you to contact us by emailing diversity@rmh.nhs.uk.

Two Ticks

The Royal Marsden is accredited by the Employment Service to use the 'Positive about Disabled People' symbol. This means that The Royal Marsden:

  • Interviews all applicants with a disability who meet the minimum criteria for the vacancy
  • Consults with disabled employees about how we can help to develop their abilities
  • Makes every effort when employees become disabled to ensure they stay in employment
  • Takes action to ensure key employees develop awareness of disability
  • Reviews achievements, plans ways to improve on the above commitments and informs staff about progress and future plans.

We are committed to increasing employment opportunities for disabled people and encouraging all disabled people to apply for jobs with us.

Older Person’s Action Team

There is a designated Older Person's Champion for The Royal Marsden who, along with the Older Person's Action Team, is responsible for ensuring that the needs of older people are identified, understood and taken into account in our service planning and provision.

If you wish to contact the Older Person's Champion please email diversity@rmh.nhs.uk.